New single "Candles in Nagasaki"

Frozen Gap - Candles in Nagasaki

August 24th Released

Frozen Gapの2年ぶりの新曲はYutaro Kawaharaの故郷でもある長崎の夜景や精霊流しの光景を思い浮かべて作った曲。喪失感に浸るだけではなく、切なさの先にある希望を描いたノスタルジックなサウンドが特徴的。

This is the song about the night view in Nagasaki, where Yutaro Kawahara was born, and the event called "Shoronagashi". Shoronagashi is an event held during the Obon festival (a Festival of the Dead or Buddhist All Soul's Day in mid-August) in different parts of Nagasaki Prefecture.